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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

CTET: Let us Explore 6...

Q1. Ms.Aditi, a fourth grade social studies teacher, recognizes that students are experiencing difficulty comprehending a chapter in the text book. She decides to use a strategy in which he and his students share responsibility for discussion as they predict, clarify and summarize while reading the text. Ms.Aditi is most likely using which of the following instructional strategies?
                1. Modeling
                2. Reciprocal teaching
                3. Coaching
                4. Guided reading

Q2. While planning units for science instruction, a teacher includes weekly quizzes, a project and end-of-chapter test. Which of the following best describes the primary purpose for including such activities while planning instruction?
                1. To determine students’ prior knowledge
                2. To monitor students’ progress
                3. To forecast students’’ success rates in state tests
                4. To compare student achievement with that of previous class
Q3. Students in a social studies class are studying the three branches of government and how power is shared among them through the systems of checks and balances. The teacher asks the students to come up with examples of when their choices have been limited as a result of their being a member of a family or group. The activity will require the students to use which of the following levels of cognition?
                1. Analysis
                2. Synthesis
                3. Application
                4. Knowledge

Find out the correct alternatives for the above questions with your reasons.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

CTET:Let us Explore 5...

Q1. Which of the following instructional strategies is most commonly observed in middle-grade classes in which core subjects are integrated into the curriculum?

1.The teacher focuses on individualized instruction, although small groups are used more for reading than for mathematics.

2.The teacher is careful to prepare students for seat work so they have opportunities to complete tasks successfully.

3.The teacher focuses on whole group discussions and uses various questioning, explaining, and probing techniques.

4.     The teacher stops and reteaches material whenever necessary for students who do not understand the material.

Q2. In a successful discovery learning session, the teacher should most likely serve in which of the following roles?

1.     The teacher will serve primarily as an audience for the students’ finished products.

2.     The teacher will serve primarily as stage director, assigning to each student a role that is critical to achieving the class goal.

3.     The teacher will serve primarily as referee, resolving disagreements and keeping students on task.

4.       The teacher will serve primarily as a resource, available if needed but otherwise unobtrusive.

 Answer the above questions with reasons...

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